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Go Nudeeeee...Updated New Shade

How many of you were put in "nude" tights as a child? You know those tights that made your legs look super ashy or even look beige ? #Tragic

Working in an office I wear a lot of dresses because they're an easy one and done! In the spring, summer, and fall, my fashion flourishes in the office. I have a dress in every color and pattern you can imagine. But in the Winter my work fashion is a DUBBBBB! Absolutely no variety in the winter, so Black tights are all I wear. Black tights aren't always the best match for different color dresses I love. I've been looking for reasonably nude tights for the longest time until I ran across Nude Barre! Nude Barre has 12 different shades of nude...yes I said TWELVE!!! A few great things about Nude Barre is they have a Nude Meter so you can match your skin tone to the right color tights. With your purchase, Nude barre will send samples of one shade lighter and one darker than the color you've chosen. Nude Barre tights are soft, rich in color, and pretty durable. When I ordered my tights, it was right after the summer so I still had a pretty great tan. I ordered 2 pair of Cocoa tights, and as you can see from the picture it's a pretty damn good nude. Recently I placed a new order for the shade Tapioca Cream since my legs are the lightest part of my body, and winter has stolen my tan. I will post an update and a new picture once I receive the new tights. Please check out Nude Barre, and let me know what you think in the comments below.

Update: Tapicoa Cream is definitely more my speed!! I absolutely love love loveeee these tights!!

The last picture was taken with flash so the leg looks damn near bare.


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