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House Party Entertainment Presents... You Don't Know Black

I was first introduced to House Party Entertainment at a Game Night hosted by the NY Urban League for Young Professionals. The game House Party was definitely a trip down memory lane with questions from my favorite era THE 90's in to the early 2000's! So Game night was a blast! The game really had us second guessing the lyrics of 112's Anywhere or trying to remember the plot of Jada Pinkett's Woo. You can tell they put a lot of thought and research into all of their questions. The game is definitely a fun challenge, I would say it really test how much you think you know about the culture. Needless to say it will definitely be played at my next game night!!

A couple weeks later I went to a live taping of their Game Show "You Don't Know BLACK!" You don't know Black is another trivia based game they have focused on Black history and Black Excellence. The atmosphere was so liveeeeee. Just a bunch of young, beautiful, vibrant, black people all coming together for a good time. The set was extremely professional, I must say House Party Entertainment put on a great show. The Host J-Hype is hilarious, he kept the show lively and entertaining. There were definitely a few questions that I had absolutely no idea what the answer was, But I learned that day. It is so exciting to see such a great production put together by young melaninated Kings & Queens.


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