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The $1500 Pledge



Those shared experiences were truly eye-opening for me, and it made me question..." why am I not spending my dollars with people who look like me?’” and “why am I not contributing to the success of my own community?"


It made me reflect on the times I've purchased products or supported businesses simply based on the brand name. Meanwhile, I was looking through Black-owned products with hesitation and doubt if the prices seemed steep. But I've learned prices are set at a value based on what the products are worth. I know it seems obvious, but most times we don't consider that this includes the time and effort it took to create the product or that these businesses do not have the funding many brand name business do. So we often don't understand its true value, we only focus on its price, instead of uplifting our communities.


Value is also based on belief! We see in other cultures the outpouring support from their own communities. This is simply because they believe in the person and their purpose. That is why a simple cotton striped tee-shirt with a tiny whale can be priced at $68 and not cause an uproar. (I'm wondering if it was sewn with vibranium or gold??!)   


I have realized in the last couple of years that by not being intentional or believing in my community I was adding to the problem. So instead I have decided to be a part of the solution!


A dream becomes a movement because of the people who believe in its value!


I intend on remaining intentional by replacing my everyday products and services with those that are built and owned by the people of my community.


I hope you will join me in BUYING BLACK!

Check out "Krystal Buys" & my Instagram as I share the products and services I purchase this year.


Also, check out "Find Businesses" for a list of Black-owned businesses. 


Each month I am purchasing 4-5 products or services from Black-owned businesses so subscribe below for product details and reviews!


Send me an Email or a DM if you would like me to feature your company.

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    In 2017, I spent $1500 intentional dollars on Black-owned products and services!

This year I plan to do the same while highlighting the awesome places I shop! I believe it's time we become intentional about buying within our own communities. We have a million reasons why we don't shop black, myself included. My biggest reason was the lack of exposure to Black-owned products and services but I was neither intentional nor proactive in searching for these products and services. Last year I was exposed to many people who were just starting their businesses and many who had years of experience.


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