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Meet Krystal, The Mind Behind the Movement!

It's only right I introduce myself and give you all a little insight into my background. I'm originally from NY, ​born in Brooklyn and raised in Long Island and later Raleigh, NC. I have two dogs (Samson and Dawn) that I'm absolutely obsessed with. I graduated with a BA in Marketing from thee Greatest HBCU of all time, NC A&T State University!

Now, If you've ever stepped foot on a Historically Black Campus, you are familiar with the amazing representation of Black culture. There's such a strong feeling of pride, community, and empowerment built into the college environment. You quickly learn how diverse our culture truly is, which differs from how we're portrayed in the media.

If you haven't had the pleasure, just think about how you felt when Beyoncé took over Coachella! EPIC!!

Krystal N Company is so important to me because it was truly birthed from the idea of “wanting more Black.” After leaving my HBCU, I worked in the suburban parts of Rhode Island and Connecticut before putting down roots in New Jersey. In my professional career, I am in an environment where I am one of the few. Of that few there aren't many of us at the top, or in thriving positions. We all know how much representation truly matters and how the lack of representation can be discouraging.

Because of this, I started yearning for that community feeling I felt back in college and craved to be surrounded by people who look like me. I wanted people that were already working to conquer the world in their own way and making their mark on society. Thinking back to my college days we all had the same goal: to have fun and to be successful. We achieved success as a team, learning each others strengths and weaknesses, and making sure we stuck together. We then went out into the world to use our tools in real life situations. Networking with people who share my goals and views has been a priceless experience.

I have always been passionate about making a change in the world, specifically focusing on Black culture and changing how it's perceived in the mainstream.

So after spending 3+ years of feeling out of place in my professional life, I decided to make some changes. The structure of collaboration would remain the same but now I was on to a much larger goal. I wanted to assist in Rebuilding the Black Community!

I began looking for individuals who were passionate about creating a strong sense of community, Black generational wealth, and those who believed in “each one teach one”. I began to make contacts with a number of Black Entrepreneurs, who shared similar goals and desires. In addition, I started using resources like Blavity, We Buy Black, and attending events like "The Black Owned Market". I finally realized where my passion and purpose aligned. I aspired to be a part of this powerful movement, and I planned to focus on rising entrepreneurs like myself. Information, support, and resources is how we will evolve as a community and change our narrative. With a buying power of 1.2 trillion, Black People would be considered the 15th richest Nation in the world. There is power in that statement alone, which is what drives me to keep going.

As we all know to change the world one must start with their own journey, which you can read about in my $1500 Pledge. Krystal N Company is my contribution to my community, and it is my honor to support rising Black businesses and share my experiences with the world.

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