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The Natural Journey for Life

The Natural Journey for Life

  • A Message from the Founder: 


    My Natural Journey got started when I had a son who was diagnosed with multiple protein allergies. He spit up for the first 6 months of life and only gained 3 pounds in 9 months to a year. He was allergic to: soy, dairy, nuts, peanuts, wheat, rye, barley and eggs. The pediatricians we were going to were of no help and just wanted to push cortisone and Zyrtec for his budding eczema problems that eventually took over our lives. They could not offer any nutrition advice and I felt helpless and guilty.

    It was then that I began to research digestive issues, allergy free meals, and plant based nutrition for babies and toddlers. The Journey was born!! We found alternative health care in the form of herbalists and acupressure, alternative food choices that were extremely nourishing, and alternative skin treatments to heal eczema the natural way. Folks....these last six years have shown me that alternatives EXIST and WORK. Caleb is almost 7 years old now, and his eczema is 99% gone, he is only allergic to dairy and nuts, and he is a STRONG, BRILLIANT young man.

    Our whole kitchen got converted from  conventional with a touch of organic to a WHOLE FOOD PLANT BASED haven! I will admit, making most things from scratch takes time...but it's worth it. Over the years I’ve been able to find shortcuts and perfect our plant based lifestyle. This blog chronicles Caleb's healing journey and my internal journey towards a healthier life (mind body and soul). I've been enlightened on the practice of raw foodism, the necessity of detoxification and allowing my body to heal itself. I'm more self aware and know that I must share my knowledge with others who need alternatives.

    If you are out there and have a child who cannot eat what "regular" people eat.....first look at it as a blessing. Caleb's body cannot tolerate junk...which is good for him in the long run. People ask me all the time: "what DOES Caleb eat"? And it feels so good to give a list of 50 to 60 things he can eat despite the limitations we face.

    Although I have degrees in science and work in corporate America I know my REAL purpose in life is to share what we've discovered on this Journey to help others live healthier and walk in their true purpose. It's not always easy to break bad habits but it can be done with determination and commitment!

    I pray our journey will touch your life in a meaningful way!


    Peace and blessings!





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