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  • Stephanie Burwell
    Founder and CEO of StephanieMade

    A New York native who was born with the desire to create.

    I may have never attended one of those fancy schools aimed at preparing you for the fashion industry, but I believe God had better plans by placing me in situations where I would gain the experience anyway. Having worked in the fashion industry for 10 years and gained unique experience through interning at Teen Vogue and Diane Von Furstenberg, it was evident to me that fashion was without a doubt where I belonged, but it was something I wanted to do on my own terms. This is when I decided to learn how to sew.

    Earning my certificate in dressmaking at the Maison Sapho School of Dressmaking changed my life! In a small class of 5-10 students, we learned drapery, pattern-making, and overall couture dressmaking, from in my opinion, a legend, Ms. Alice Sapho. Here is where I not only mastered my skills, but built the courage to create for others, so that I can now offer you my best creation -StephanieMade. 



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