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Smith & Lee Handmade

Smith & Lee Handmade

  • Luxury Minimalist Leather Goods

    100% Handmade

    100% Quality

    100% Minimalism

    At Smith and Lee Handmade, we believe in quality, craftsmanship, and aesthetics.

    Each one of our items is 100% HANDMADE in our Atlanta, factory.

    We source only the finest materials from all over the world. Some of the countries we do business with include Africa, Italy, Indonesia, Thailand and of course, the USA. 

    Our leather is sourced from ONLY reputable farmers. The leather that is caught in the wild is used as a food source FIRST, for example, the stingray.


     We do not work with illegal poachers, unlicensed hunters or individuals who do not love or understand animals. We understand that leather is not for everyone so we strive to create the most beautiful pieces as a means to respect and honor each animal. 

    Handmade to Last Forever

    For more information, just shoot us an email! 



    Instagram: SmithLeeHandmade

    Instagram: Don_Frost


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