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Rooted Woman

Rooted Woman

  • A Message from the Founder:


    It’s a deeply personal journey for the original Rooted Woman, India D. Williams, who took 2015 to unapologetically hit the pause button on her professional life in pursuit of personal wellness.

    Work was life, until Williams’ health took a turn, bringing her priorities sharply into focus. During the six-month journey, she regained her health, and her purpose – to create a community of women who value self-care.

    Through its line of handmade, non-toxic, gluten-free, vegan-friendly nail polishes, Rooted Woman champions self-care. The polish is made in small batches, and as such, may reflect slight variation in color. This is by design and in keeping with our standard of authenticity.

    For us, developing thematic lines in keeping what it means to be a Rooted Woman far outweighs following industry protocol, and releasing lines by season.  Within each theme, you’ll discover that each polish color is carefully named to exhibit the ethos of Rooted Woman.  For us, these are not just pretty words.  Rather, each polish name within our collection is drawn from the raw and often unpretty experiences we’ve endured as women who are ambitious and driven.

    Rooted Woman has experienced explosive growth, now including an online community some 5,000 strong. They are bound by the simple authenticity of Williams’ message – to be Polished Inside and Out.  That ethos has found favor with a wide swath of women, from co-eds to retirees and every generation in between, growing in lockstep with the Rooted Woman brand.

    Inspired by this community, Rooted Woman has released 5 new products in 2017 alone, including a plant-based nail polish remover, polish totes, manicure kits, greeting cards, and gift sets. That inspiration extends to a line of additional nail polish shades soon to be released, many of which were developed in response to the candor, vulnerability, and enthusiasm of the Rooted Woman community.


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