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Natural Smile Toothpaste

Natural Smile Toothpaste

  • What began as an effort to fix the more superficial problems with “regular” toothpaste, quickly led me to discovering research on the harmful effects of toothpaste chemicals. After learning about the negative effects of fluoride in particular, I recommended my family switch to a popular “natural” toothpaste brand; but, upon further investigation of their ingredients, I realized it was still lacking in some of key areas I was trying to improve. I finally decided I’d be better off making my own.

    Unlike many “natural” toothpastes that use glycerin to create  bubbles, we’ve chosen to leave this out to avoid the dry-mouth effect. Instead, our extra virgin coconut oil helps stimulate saliva, while simultaneously removing toxins and bacteria. From our research, we’ve also discovered that cacao (yes, like the chocolate) has proven to be more effective than fluoride in helping teeth demineralize  -- and it isn’t toxic! We only use baking soda that is extracted with water, not cancer causing chemicals like benzene, to offer a pure whitening experience. We also have a secret ingredient to supercharge Smile’s whitening power and guess what -- it’s black!


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