Jaine Was Here

  • Jamie Isaac is a multimedia artist + maker, currently creating and exploring in the Washington, D.C. area. She fully welcomed and embraced her visual identity in 2011, when she realized that it was 100% possible to incorporate everything she loves into her creative journey. She began showcasing her work locally through Washington, D.C. and has also shown in other states such as Maryland, New York, and Pennsylvania. In 2017, Jaime received her degree in Studio Art from Montgomery College and launched her “Jaine Creates: Handmade and Painted Collection.”


    Today, Jamie's work is combination of a variety of mediums. She tends to explore painting, jewelry making, photography , and design. Her work features usage of vibrant colors, abstract subject matter, geometric patterns and lots of Triangles. While Creating , Jamie takes herself on a journey through her subconscious and lets what she's feeling explode into her work. Every step in her process is essential but not intentional. The  enjoyment is in the pure experimentation of making art with different materials. Experimentation is key in my artistic process. Jamie stays true to the saying, “artists can make anything out of nothing.”