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Brionya James Art

Brionya James Art

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    Brionya James inspired me instantly after typing her URL into my browser. The scripture in the top left hand corner stuck out to me: "Commit to the LORD whatever you do, and He will establish your plans." Not to overlook the fact that almost every painting on the homepage was purchased. Brionya uses acrylics and mixed media to make her work come to life.

    With a talent so great and an amazing thirst for Christ, we knew we had to get deeper. Brionya James is an artist with over 43,000 Instagram followers. After finding her purpose in tattooing, she's turned her hobby into a successful business, read more below.

    Tell us about yourself. What do you think was a defining point in your life growing up?

    I'm an only child born and raised in Austin, TX. I currently live in Houston, TX as a full-time artist. A defining point in my life was transitioning from tattoos to finding my true purpose and pursuing painting. My gift is actually a part of my testimony so I try my best to express that within my pieces daily.

    My gift is actually a part of my testimony so I try my best to express that within my pieces daily.

    When did you know art was your passion and purpose?

    I've always had a passion for art since I was young. I've taken advanced art classes in school and participated in regional competitions. I didn't take it to heart until a few years ago. Now its inseparable and I continuously push myself to progress every day.

    What challenges or obstacles did you have to overcome and how did you overcome them?

    The biggest challenges, if anything, that I face is completing commissions. Sometimes I find myself dreading the process, so I'll take a break and express what I want so I don't lose myself in my customers projects.

    What are some things people may not know about you that you want people to know?

    I'm a pretty big surprise package, I like to do anything creative from cooking to videography. Anything that's a form of art, I'm down for it!

    What can we expect from you 5 years from now?

    You could definitely expect a production studio. I plan to give young urban upcoming artists the opportunity to have a space to create and unite with one another and to present showcases and expressive events. I have a lot of goals that I plan to accomplish within a short period of time so hopefully those who have supported me will look forward and witness the path God has before me.


    To learn more about Brionya James, visit her on Instagram: @Brionyajames.

    Purchase her art here: 

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