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She's Got Her OWN Network

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She's Got Her OWN Network

  • A Message from the Founder:


    She's Got Her OWN Network the #1 "Success Utility Network," helping women build strong, sustainable, fundable, & successful businesses and lifestyles. A network dedicated to providing members with solutions and not just resources.


    Our mission is to help make starting a business or elevating your life easier. 

    We provide strategically planned solutions that help women accelerate in both their business & life. We create ideal solution plans for growth,  by providing you with a network of likeminded individuals, who offer mentorship based on personal experiences.


    Helping one another achieve goals and build dreams. She's Got Her OWN Network provides accountability partners that will challenge you to help push you and your business towards influence, purpose, wealth, & success.

    She’s Got Her OWN Network CEO Christia’n Annice to date has helped well over 300 + women & young female entrepreneurs create, develop, & launch their OWN businesses since 2005. She is known for her "Keep It Real" skills of motivation and mentorship.

    In 2016 Christia’n helped broker her first private investment deal for $30Millionin Las Vegas, Nevada giving her the leverage and know how, to help other entrepreneurs like herself close major deals in high heels!

    Christia'n was featured on Black Enterprise in 2017, "Women Of Power", for her dedication to helping women WIN!

    Members LOVE She's Got Her OWN Network because we are transparent and we make it a priority to form a bond of trust and friendship that starts from the very beginning. We develop strong women & entrepreneurs, teaching them to believe in their brands, understand financial literacy, build with passion, work with ambition, and always show respect to their customers & clients.

    Becoming an entrepreneur is a lifestyle, and we are here to help you plan for a successful one – while making it Easy & having FUN!


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