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Sammy J Chic

Sammy J Chic

  • A Message from the Founder: 


    My name is Samantha Cutchin, owner of Sammy J Chic. I am an A&T alum turned Entrepreneur! In 2009 I started doing hair in dorm rooms on my peers. Now I'm a traveling cosmetologist in Raleigh, Durham, Charlotte, New York, & DC.

    I LOVE MY CRAFT of making women and men feel true God-fidence through hair enhancements. God-fidence is GOD GIVEN confidence- we all have it but we don’t always feel it. 

    Specialties: I specialize in HEALTHY HAIR ENHANCEMENTS- not limited to extensions.

    I work with clients that have alopecia, hair loss or just a need for something different.

    I make wigs and install undetectable hair extensions.

    I also specialize in healthy Natural hair.

    (90% of my clientele is natural)

    Healthy hair is always my #1 goal with every single client.

    EVERY YEAR I am challenged to travel somewhere different and expand the scope of my business 


    My craft is my passion! I have always been into beauty. Seeing the trickle-down effect of how my love for an industry can change someone’s ENTIRE perspective of themselves has continued to fuel my need for constant growth in the industry. 




    Contact Sammy J Chic: 

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