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Pretty Brown Girl

Pretty Brown Girl

  • A Message From the Founder:


    Founded in 2010 as a unique, empowering self-esteem product line for girls, the Pretty Brown Girl Brand and Movement sends a simple, yet powerful message of self-love to girls and women everywhere. Our mission is to encourage self-acceptance by cultivating social, emotional and intellectual well-being.

    Today, the Pretty Brown Girl Movement is ranked by NBC News as one of the top seven organizations dedicated to empowering girls and has expanded to offer engaging programs, clubs and events for girls. Over the past seven years, we have helped thousands of girls across the country to have increased self-esteem.

    Pretty Brown Girl ensures it stays responsive to community needs in the same way it began, by listening to the voice of the girls and young women in which it serves. Our vision is to create a Pretty Brown Girl Movement designed to instill self confidence, pride and leadership skills in young girls and young women of color to help propel them into their positions of power and community activism, thereby creating contributing women in society. We are working in communities daily, encouraging girls to reach for the stars and focus on their gifts, talents and education that can be used to elevate humanity.


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