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Pregame by Zumble formerly (Cards for the Culture)

Ever wish game nights were more engaging and interactive? Well, PREGAME TRIVIA GAME combines discussion, debate, opinions, & drinking all in one, making game nights a shared experience with friends, family, loved ones, and new acquaintances. Let the debate begin!!!!

PREGAME TRIVIA GAME is a debate game about TV shows, music, movies, comedy, and pop culture. Unlike most debate games you've played before, PREGAME will have you and your friends arguing, debating, laughing, singing, rapping, quoting lines from movies, etc. With players sharing their most humble and entertaining opinions, PREGAME can turn complete strangers into best friends and loved ones into worst enemies. 

The game is super easy! Each round, one player asks an opinionated question from a gold card, and everyone else (including the person who asked the question) answers with their best black card.


  • 126 cards
  • 2-10 players
  • This is the main game. BUY THIS FIRST!
  • A debate game. Unlike any debate game.


Please see the many games they offer for the culture!




Pregame by Zumble formerly (Cards for the Culture)

  • PREGAME. is an opinionated trivia game for people who love to debate pop culture (90s R&B, Black Cinema, TV Shows, etc). Unlike most debate games on the market, PREGAME is sure to have you and your friends arguing/debating a variety of pop culture topics, reciting movie lines together, quoting lyrics to your favorite songs, and interacting all night long.


    Check out their site and PURCHASE HERE

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