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Jam + Rico

Jam + Rico

  • A Message from the Founder: 


    Established since June 2016, Jam+Rico is a fashion jewelry company providing bold, unique and colorful designs. We travel to the Caribbean and Latin American countries finding inspiration from the people, culture, music and terrain. Our mission is to provide thoughtfully created accessories to enhance your fashion wardrobe. Our pieces bring joy to the wearer and evoke confidence and beauty to each individual.

    Jam+Rico stands for Jamaica + Puerto Rico, the plus sign symbolizes the depth of the culture of the  Creator of Jam+Rico . 




    About the Creator:


    Lisette Ffolkes dreams of a world that is bright, that is filled with excitement and creatively unique. Raised in Brooklyn, New York, Lisette started designing jewelry at the age of 14. Father of Jamaican decent and Mother of Puerto Rican, Black and Native American decent, Lisette's background influences her creative spirit. 

    Lisette attended the University of Delaware with a BA focusing primarily on Apparel Design that assisted her to explore her passion for innovation, while enhancing her skills. Her work combines her long term interest in design, her fascination with color, textile and texture. This love of design further developed while working in the apparel industry for five years.

    Lisette's ultimate vision is to combine her love of travel, culture and color carefully create bold curated pieces. Her vision pulls inspiration from tribal cultures, foliage and travel, paying homage to the women who have inspired her along the way. 

    Lisette currently lives in Harlem and is exciting to share her designs with you!

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