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Ayo Books

Ayo Books

  • A Message from the Founder:

    AyoBooks provides educational tools about African languages and cultures that are easy to use, fun, and engaging. Our aim is to :

    • Promote learning about different African languages and cultures.
    • Dispel myths about Africa as monocultural and homogenous.
    • Encourage cultural pride.
    • Encourage children to learn to enjoy, appreciate and seek out differences.
    • Expose children to activities, materials and facts about African cultures that destroys stereotypes.

    AyoBooks encourages group learning and fun! Each of our items can be used in the classroom as well as during family time. We are confident that you will have fun engaging your little ones with our AyoBooks materials!

    The AyoBooks™ team consists of author, artist, and educator Dr. Rose Ojo-Ajayi and Claudette B. Ojo. We are constantly developing new educational materials that will serve the needs of young audiences and families that are in interested in learning about the different languages and cultures of Africa. 



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